The Industry

The financial services industry is mostly concerned with people who are already wealthy and offer more profitability and risk then those who do not possess as many assets and are more interested in financial security.

An insight in to finance

A more affluent individual with more assets will require more intricate and refined financial planning and few people can afford such services other than the wealthy.

But having said that, affluent or not, everyone requires better insight into their finances to better understand their households microeconomic wastage and stagnation and the effect that their finances can have on their families security and future.

Putting our clients first

The financial industry serves its own interests by personalising wealth fund management schemes for the wealthy whilst overlooking the less wealthy and brushing them off with financial services and products designed for the less wealthy but dependant on the decisions of the wealthy and it accrues extra finance for their more risky escapades.

This is why some financial service providers attempt to subvert and hide the true cost to their clients as they serve to gain profits’ and not serve the clients best interest and wishes. At DSW we offer a diverse selection of products that meet our strict requirements and serve our clients’ needs.

The executive team

We survived the through panics and recessions due to returning customer base who valued are honest and reliable services. That is what had led us to the global success story we are and why we value our clients’ dearly.

Our team at DSW consists’ of devoted specialists’ whom have varied backgrounds from investment to wealth management to accounting and financial law to government regulatory agencies. Our tactic is simple to develop and manage policies for the benefit of our clients.

Our specialist are hands on and attentive to risks’ and our clients’ desires, whilst developing these policies focused solely on our client’s ambition. Our specialist work in cohesion with each other to exploit their knowledge and experience to your advantage.

Investment process

A comprehensive investment strategy or policy is vital to monetary growth. Many working people do not have the time or resources to scrutinize investment products that is why we are here to assist you, first you must clarify your goals.

Clarifying your goals

It is important to categorize your financial goals, to identify them and prioritize them. A financial advisor can assist you in categorizing your goals and your own personalized risk assessment.

It is important to identify your needs and dreams and what your hope to achieve and by when i.e buy a home, retirement etc. and your risk tolerance.

Once your goals have been clarified, a financial advisor can assist you with taxation, specialist advice based around the different financial products on offer and clarity regarding financial services, products and taxation designed to be confusing so as to profit from you. A financial advisor can assist with the allocation of funds, risk assessments and diversifying your portfolio. Financial advisors will do all of this constantly and consistently changing the structure of the strategy to suit your changing needs.

Investment solutions

We offer a number of solution to aid you once you have clarified your goals. Such as:

  • Equity and fixed income securities trading
  • Alternative investments’ like real estate investment trusts
  • Investment advisory products and solutions like [companies name] group managed accounts, strategic portfolio services (SPS)
  • Fixed and varied annuity solutions
  • Portfolios

We have expert tax advisors who can assist you declaring your income in a tax efficient and legal manner.

We can also source a number of products from life, health and disability insurance protecting your future income and your retirement.

Advisory dealing

Our investment accounts offer you a variety of investment products including mutual funds and securities trading. Your financial advisor will actively monitor and adjust these accounts in accordance with your stated goals.

These accounts may benefit you if you have less spare time to spend on analysing markets and investments.

Managed services

Our managed accounts service allows you to pick between non-discretionary and discretionary accounts without any of the additional incurred trading charges at point of sale.

Our service begins with our financial advisors working closely with you to identify your goals and how we can assist you in meeting those goals. We work in accordance with your wished in a close harmoniously way building a relationship with you to better understand you. Your portfolio will contain a variety of investment products from a broad range of industries using one of the following accounts:

Non-discretionary accounts

You will be provided with a range of mutual funds and public traded securities with your account being allocated and managed in accordance with your investment needs. You will have access to the additional benefit of continuing financial advice and portfolio reviews and your advisor will make regular recommendations for you to approve.

Discretionary account

Discretionary accounts provide you with the same products that non-discretionary services provides but your account will be actively managed and reviewed by your financial advisor on your behalf and in accordance with your overall aims and objectives in mind.

Alternative investments

Alternative investments cover a wide range of services including real estate that are designed to be unconnected to the traditional markets. If you include alternative investments than you may benefit from potential gains and reduction in risk and volatility, the following are alternative investments we offer:

  • Non traded real estate investment trusts
  • Hedge fund offerings
  • Managed future funds
  • Exchange products
  • Mutual funds with alternative strategies
  • Industry and market research and analysis

DSW differs from other financial service providers where as we offer far reaching in house research and analysis.

We use our research and analysis to carry vigorous tests on markets and companies to assist DSW detect market openings and its’ prospects and to assign funds capably and proficiently. We also use our experienced managers’ as research with a wealth of knowledge and experience they are some of the most in demand responsible money managers available today and allows you the freedom of having full market knowledge.

Our research and analyst team and management are regularly monitoring markets’, industry and companies to establish where the best opportunities may be. Our managers are carefully selected in a robust manner from candidates from around the world. They must be responsible, professional, and considerate and dedicated to our clients’ and their dreams. Our employees are constantly being challenged with examinations to ensure continuing professional development.

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